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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 21st

21 July 1861

Tuesday 23d

23 July 1861
22 July 1861
Monday 22d

I left Mrs Adams and Mary to stay at Brighton or to go on with the Brookses as they might agree until the latter part of the week, and returned to London in the quick train which got me home before twelve o’clock. I had a leisure day. I went out and returned several visits to the batch of travelling diplomats, and at home read more of the Lord Stanhope’s Life of Pitt. On the whole, the most of a day of repose I have enjoyed since I have been in London. My son Henry and I the only residents. I now being to long for my settled dwelling. I called on Mr Smith, the house broker to know when I was to have it. He promises it one week from this day.

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