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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 22d

22 July 1861

Wednesday 24th

24 July 1861
23 July 1861
Tuesday 23d

Variable with sunshine and rain. The morning was given up to the reception and perusal of the American mails. I received letters from my sons, cheering so far as they go. Bu the general impression obtained from the terrible struggle going on is in the highest degree painful. Whilst I have a good deal of confidence in the discretion and judgment of the people I cannot disguise from myself the character of some of the movement and its tendencies. At three I went out in the carriage, and paid visits to Mr Randolph Clay, to Msr Sanford, and to General Webb. More diplomats settling the affairs of the country here. In the evening I received a letter from Mr Dayton, announcing his arrival here and his desire to see me tomorrow morning. I assigned ten o’clock. In the evening, I went with my son Henry to a ball at the Countess of Harrington. rather thin, and a great disproportion of young ladies. The season is evidently over. I knew scarcely any body and came home soon.

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