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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 28th.

28 July 1861

Tuesday 30th

30 July 1861
29 July 1861
Monday 29th

A very fine day, one of the few which we have experienced here. I was very much engaged with letters and visits. The business of this legation is about equally divided between them. The latter are in a great measure paid by Americans going through to the Continent. And they came in the greatest number on this day of the week. Among them today was Mr Angel who has been recalled from Stockholm to give place to Mr Haldeman. And Mr Billings who was here about the arms. He seemed a little reluctant to go to Paris, but finally yielded on my earnest representation of the importance of saving something on the contract with Mr Ladé. Colonel Fremont intimated to me that this man was really acting for certain official personages in the French government who had the privilege of parting with an old pattern of199 the Minié Rifle, as the government had adopted a new one. Mr Billings is the only man here possessed of Colonel Fremont’s contacts, and he has already succeeded in obtaining from Ladé more favorable offers. I therefore deem it important that Mr Dayton should have the benefit of his assistance. I went out with Mrs Adams to look at the house in Mansfield Street to which we are about to move, and to make the necessary disposition of the rooms. On a re-examination I am quite well satisfied with the change. And through the upper rooms do not quite correspond with the lower, I think we shall be more comfortable. Quiet evening.

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