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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 29th

29 July 1861

Wednesday 31st

31 July 1861
30 July 1861
Tuesday 30th

We made a commencement of moving today, but owing to delays at the new house we succeeded only in transferring a part of the property of the legation. I twas enough however to derange us at home. I did little in consequence, excepting to take a long walk with Brooks down to the city to the counting house of Messr Barrings to make inquiry about the state of my account. I found the remittance had been made, but without notice. On our way I was led to notice the excitement of an election in the place of Lord John Russell who has been called to the House of Lords. An effort had been made on the part of the Tories for the Lord Mayor, whilst the Ministerialists brought forwards Mr Wood. Neither of these a man of any eminence, nor can it be said that any peculiar question was involved in the struggle. Yet in the initial state of the ministry, a defeat here would have been my damaging to them. Hence the agitation and the bustle. Posters every where; on the doors of the voting places, at the quarters of the candidates, on the hired carriages to bring up voters, and on rows of walking advertisers. returns every hour of the state of the poll; pretty even at first, but changing more and more as the day advanced until there was no more doubt of Mr Wood’s election. So Lord Palmerston may go on more easy, and the Lord Mayor having vacated one seat has not succeeded in gaining another. We came home, after stopping at the Tower five minutes too late to get in, by Steamer from London bridge to Westminster, and thence headed to the house. Quiet evening.200

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