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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 5th

5 August 1861

Wednesday 7th

7 August 1861
6 August 1861
Tuesday 6th

The London newspapers mostly betray a secret satisfaction with the humilaition we have met with. And the correspondent of the Times delights in uncovering our nakedness. I fear that we deserve it all. Yet out of it may grow some benefits. We are capable of much, and adversity may develope our good qualities. I was busy in writing a despatch to Washington based upon a conversation I had with Mr Macfarland about the supply of Enfield rifles made here during the coming winter. Afterward I went out and paid visits to one or two persons. I again failed in finding Mr Bright. I also executed some commissions. We had at dinner today Miss Florence Lyman and Miss Mary Motley. Mrs Motley and her two other daughters came in for the evening, as did likewise Edward Brooks.

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