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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 6th

6 August 1861

Thursday 8th

8 August 1861
7 August 1861
Wednesday 7th

My spirits do not quite recover the shock of Sunday. I find myself anxious and tremulous. I was busy writing letters and receiving visits most of the morning. I received a dispatch from Mr Dayton in regard to his negotiations fro arms which made it necessary for me at once to see Mr Morse, the Consul, and to confer with him. So I walked all the way down to the city and reached his Office just in season205 to catch him. We consulted as to the means of raising the funds for the payment of Mr Dayton’s purchase, and he finally agreed to call tomorrow on the Bankers and make inquiries. He promised to call in the evening and talk further with me. I then walked home. Mrs Emmons and her two children dined with us. Mr Morse came in the evening, and we examined Mr Dayton’s contract and discussed the proprieties of the process of borrowing the money. Finally we settled upon our course of the morning, and then joined the ladies upstairs. Edward Brooks was there also. They all left before eleven o’clock.

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