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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 7th

7 August 1861

Friday 9th

9 August 1861
8 August 1861
Thursday 8th

This morning is commonly devoted to letters and dispatches in season for the bag which goes tomorrow. As there has been a cessation of topic of late between the two governments I had not so much as usual to write about. My communicates to the Department were for the first time copied and signed before the close of business this evening. I also wrote to both of my sons—after which I called on invitation to see Mr Kuntze, an artist who has modelled a full sized figure of America. It is much better than the attempts commonly are, but it is after all not more than a mild, delicate woman. From thence I went to see Mr Charles Lyman, who looks much better than when I last saw him. He talks now of returning home by the Steamer of the 24th. I do not yet feel recovered from the shock of Sunday. I grow more and more uneasy about the retention of Washington. It becomes tolerable plain that is the blunder of the President in again varying from the policy of General Scott. I am afraid it is irremediable. The division of the country is now certain. The question only remains to decide whether slavery shall be abolished in Maryland, Virginia and Missouri while there is time. On the whole it is perhaps as well to await with patience the developement of the next few weeks, and prepare for any mortification that may awaits us. We had dinner today Mr and Mrs J Hammond and Mr J S. Barstow, and Miss Lyman came in the evening.206

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