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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 13th

13 August 1861

Thursday 15th

15 August 1861
14 August 1861
Wednesday 14th
Lincoln, Derby

A cooler day with clouds. After breakfast we all went to view the Cathedral, considered among the finest in England. Situated on the top of rather a steep hill, its aspect is uncommonly imposing. The ruins of the castle and of the long walls which surround it bring up vividly to the mind the pictures of the civil wars and of feudal dominion and ecclesiastical supremacy. The edifice is large, and connects itself with chapels which are all curious. There is a Chapter House here too supported all round by flying buttresses that is worth seeing. In the midst of the court there has been found by excavating a few feet the remains of a Roman mosaic pavement which211 is fast losing all its consistency under exposure to frost, a curious fact not easily reconciled to any theory of ancient durability. I am not well versed in the Gothic, and therefore cannot distinguish easily the various styles of which it is composed, but the effects produced are all the same. I mounted the steeple as far as the great bell, Tem o’ Lincoln, which it takes fourteen men to move from its position. The view is very extensive but not diversified. It is clear that this fortified hill was the place of refuge for all the defenceless people in the lowlands. It is now a prosperous manufacturing place. Having completed our examination and taken a meal we started off again on the railway to Nottingham and thence to Derby, where we stopped for the night. This place has not attractions , being almost entirely given to manufacturing. I walked from the station to the Hotel, where my astonishment was great to meet with my messenger Charles Light with a packet from my secretary Mr Moran. The substance of it was that a steamer was about starting from Hartlepool, laded with arms and military stores for the use of the insurgents, of which I ought to make a representation to the government. On reflection, I concluded it would be wiser for me to lose no time in getting back— So I agreed to start at the same time with Light in the mail train at half past twelve.

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