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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 14th

14 August 1861

Friday 16th

16 August 1861
15 August 1861
Thursday 15th

I found myself alone in my compartment, and slept pretty well for a large part of the way. I reached London at a little after six, and got home in time to bathe and dress comfortably for breakfast. There is a quiet and a method in my present establishment soothing to my mind in the midst of the anxieties which surround me from the outside. Immediately I set about addressing a letter to Lord Russell on the subject of the vessel which is to be fitted out. I almost made draughts of the usual weekly Despatches to the Government, and of letters to the several consuls who have been industrious in gaining for me my information. I had likewise visits from Mr 212 Horace B. Sargent who is on his way home from Switzerland, where he has left Wife and children. He talks of giving into the army. I thought him sick and out of spirits. Whilst he was here Sir Gore Ouseley came in, and had some conversation on our affairs. He does not think Lord Palmerston can be moved from his place so long as he inclines to keep it. I dined alone, and being somewhat fatigued went to bed early

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