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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 3.d

3 September 1861

Thursday 5th

5 September 1861
4 September 1861
Wednesday 4th

My labors seem to increase rather than diminish. I wrote other letters to consuls,and began the series of letters home. I wrote to Mr Everett and to my son John. After luncheon, went out with my Wife and returned a visit of Sir Gore Ouseley’s. We then took a drive round Victoria Park—lately laid out for the benefit of the east side of the town. It is the prettiest of them all—and the ride opened up to me a wholly new region of this immense place, which lies far out of the ken of persons of fashion who live West. What a mass of human beings accumulated and accumulating. Nearly two thousand children are born every week, and fifteen hundred persons die. How far can this be carried without breaking down by some catastrophe. That is the question. Our evening was quiet.

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