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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 4th

4 September 1861

Friday 6th

6 September 1861
5 September 1861
Thursday 5th

The weather seems at last to give indications of a change. During the whole month of August it certainly has been as pleasant as need be. They say that such a dry time is almost unexampled. But though it dries up the vegetation, there is compensation in the health and brightness of the atmosphere. I began upon the work of the regular despatches for the week, and soon found that it developed itself as I went on. I now write pretty steadily more than five hours at a stretch each day.227 Captain Schulte was here from Paris, and reports Mr Dayton anxious about the state of affairs there, and desirous to have him return to America as soon as next Tuesday. I offered him every facility in my power, though I do not think the British government will give me an answer in season to send by him. I took a walk today completely round the regent’s park. In the evening I furnished the second Volume of Lord Stanhope’s Life of William Pitt. The difficulties of that day in England were enough to frighten the stoutest heart. It is just as well for us who are now suffering to refresh our minds with these recollections, so that we may bear up the better against disaster. Lord Stanhope does nothing to heighten the narrative. On the whole he tells the story naturally, but without vigour or comprehensiveness of view. I likewise read tonight an article in the Quarterly review upon Russia.

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