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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 12th

12 September 1861

Saturday 14th

14 September 1861
13 September 1861
Friday 13th

Every morning the sun rises brilliantly, but in a couple of hours the sky becomes overcast, and it rains more or less, after which it clears and is bright at night.233 This I understand to be the regular course of things at this time of year. I went on in my work and completed a Despatch to the government containing the substance of the conversation of yesterday. Other letters kept me until four when I walked out with Mrs Adams to accomplish some commissions. The rain soon drove her home, but I continued my walk until dinner time. There is now a chill in the temperature which reminds one of the approach of winter, another hint of which is given in the rapid shortening of the days. In the evening I amuse myself upstairs reading General Fry’s History of the Pennisular war. A large part of this is introductory.

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