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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 13th

13 September 1861

Sunday 15th

15 September 1861
14 September 1861
Saturday 14th

This morning was devoted to the completion of all the customary matter in season for the Desptatch bag. This includes the signatures of all the fair copies, and the sealing. Every thing was accomplished by three o’clock. The family had all been invited to pass the Sunday with Mr and Mrs Bates at East Shene. So at a little after five o’ clock Mrs Adams, my daughter, my son Henry and I started in the carriage. The drive was not so pleasant as it would have been but for two or three light showers, not enough to wet us, but calculated to make us uncomfortable in an open vehicle. There was an uncommonly brilliant rainbow, showing all the colours distinctly, and a second one also remarkably well defined, and then it cleared, a little cold. When we reached the door, Mr Bates came out and welcomed us very kindly, announcing eagerly the news of the Steamer of a success to our cause. At last we have had an expedition which has not failed. General Butler with Commodore Stringham and the expedition from Fortress Monroe have seized Hatteras Inlet, and taken the two fortifications, with seven hundred men, twenty five cannon, arms and every thing. This though not in itself decisive comes most opportunely to correct the impressions lately made in Europe by our succession of troubles. It is a blow at the enemy in a quarter which exposes their weakness and materially changes the character of the war. We found Sir William Gore Ouseley and his Wife who had been invited to meet us, and Mr Thomson Hawkey, a neighbor and a banker came in to dine. It was pleasant and tolerably lively, and we returned before midnight.234

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