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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 20th

20 September 1861

Sunday 22d

22 September 1861
21 September 1861
Saturday 21st

Clear morning but it settled into heavy rain. I had not much to do excepting to study the law a little about ship’s registers. Very often I receive letters from Consuls asking me questions which require a good deal of attention. Indeed the position of a Minister at this Court is far more important and responsible than I had supposed. I had considered all questions of past difference settled or removed, and that my labour to keep terms of good will in the present conflict at home would be so much seconded as to render it light. Instead of this I have had to contend with a steady current of resistance, rather growing than diminishing in force with the progress of time. I received today a note from Lord Russell in reply to mine of Tuesday, confessing his inability to meet me at the Foreign Office and inviting me to go all the way to Scotland to see him. This is awkward, expensive and tiresome, but I must do it. A few hours of conference may be productive of useful results and tend to soften the invitation which is so steadily on the increase. I took a long walk in the rain to return a visit from the Swedish Chargé d’ affaires, Baron Beck-Freis. I had many visits myself. Commodore Stribling and Commander Bradford on their way home, relieved from command in the China seas on suspicion of their fidelity. They took pains to assure me of the contrary. The Earl of Donounghmore came to enquire the address of Sidney Brooks. A certain missionary Mr Schwartz to get aid in raising relief for the Wesleyan Methodist mission in Germany, and Mr Tenileton, a friendly visit and to talk genuine English sympathy.240

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