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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 21st

21 September 1861

Monday 23d.

23 September 1861
22 September 1861
Sunday 22d

Fog and rain. Attended Divine service at St George’s Chapel. The sermon from the text “I thirst,” but in no other way remarkable. I called with my son upon Lord Lyndhurst who has come to town quite ill. Met there Mr Charles Greville, and we had some American talk. His Lordship is lively, and keeps note of every thing. He said Mr Motley had come back more excited than ever, and seemed to wonder at it. I told him that I saw no cause of surprise. At which both of them seemed to be shocked. The truth is that the English are not conscious of their national defects. And it is of little use to try to point them out. I simply referred to the general tone of the newspapers and the casual speeches of members of parliament as well as other parties, and there left the subject. His Lordship looks badly, but he says he is better, and he is going out of town again next week. My son and I then walked around the Regent’s park. Day otherwise quiet.

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