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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 22d

22 September 1861

Tuesday 24th

24 September 1861
23 September 1861
Monday 23d.

A morning of interruptions. I went out to make my final agreement about a carriage which has been exercising me ever since my arrival. I entered on the purchase of one with every prospect of having to carry it home with me in consequence of some change of my relations at this court. Mr Motley came in and talked with me a little about the state of our relations here. I told him of my proposed departure this evening for Scotland and enquired the best road which he told me. I then went out with Mrs Adams in the carriage and returned the visits of Commordore Stribling and Commander Rudford. After dinner the carriage took me with my Servant Light to the railway station at Easton Square, where we took places in what is called the limited mail for Aberdeen in Scotland. I had one of the carriages to myself, and travelled through the night.

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