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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 29th

29 September 1861

Tuesday 1st

1 October 1861
30 September 1861
Monday 30th

On coming down to breakfast this morning, we found the letters from America, which usually give enough to absorb attention for several hours. I was however very much interrupted by visits from chance persons, and by the necessity of attending to letters. Indeed I think the pressure seems to inclose upon me rather than to diminish. It has been greatly aggravated by the notice current in the papers that I have authority to engage offices for the American science. The rush for adventure and pay is great in all the countries of Europe. I see something of it from almost every nation. I drove out with Mrs Adams, to make a call on Mr Oseguera, the Mexican secretary. He was not at home. I left a card requesting him to call and see me tomorrow. From thence we made another attempt, this time successful to see Mr and Mrs Bartlett. There I left the carriage and walked home. The day was clear and summerlike; to the feeling one of the most agreeable since I have been here. We dined quietly, Miss Mackintosh being a guest of my daughter Mary’s.

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