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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 30th

30 September 1861

Wednesday 2d.

2 October 1861
1 October 1861
Tuesday 1st

Cloudy and warm. I had many visits. One from a gentleman who did not give his name but who sent in the card of a Mr Crane who was here yesterday to speak of him as a person who could give valuable information respecting the Confederate movement here. It was soon clear that he was ready to drive a bargain for his testimony. I referred him to Mr Morse as more competent to negotiate. M Oseguera was here and I told him what I was willing to do. I would sound the government here to know whether it would have any informal communication with any Mexican agent, as from what Lord Russell had said to me I informed a favorable disposition in his part. He accepted my offer very gratefully Mr Hunter was here to beg for money, I was unwise enough to let him have some. I was much engaged making up the accounts of the quarter. Short walk towards evening. Mr and Mrs Bartlett and Mr George B Sohier dined here. Mr Morse came in to see me, and to say that he had conferred with the man I sent to him, and he believed him to possess valuable information. The only question was as to its value. He held out for a high price. I told him that he had better give it, if the information was such as he described or any thing like it. The truth is that of late they have been too cunning for us. This man intimated that the managers knew themselves to be watched.

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