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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 15th

15 October 1861

Thursday 17th

17 October 1861
16 October 1861
Wednesday 16th

Quite a change of weather. Cloudy with a raw north east wind, I was again a good deal at leisure all the morning. One or two visits. One from Mr Bleake and one from Mr Bates after I went out. I took a drive of an hours Mrs Adams and then paid a third visit to the artist Mr Kuntse. He is tolerable successful in making a profile likeness, but I always wonder at the courage which makes a man think himself a good sculptor. I never yet had any confidence in my ability to tell a good statue from a bad one, at least within certain limits. This artist seems to be a modest, unassuming young man. I postponed further sitting until next week. Took a long walk. Evening quiet. continued Whitelock.

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