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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 16th

16 October 1861

Friday 18th

18 October 1861
17 October 1861
Thursday 17th

Cooler but still clear. This once more becomes my morning for the preparation of despatches, so that I was busy in the work. There was however much less of Office work to perform than usual, and the despatches I received in the early part of the work were of a kind that needed no reply. I finished with three of very moderate size. Had a visit from Sir Henry Holland, who has returned from his visits to the East, but he had no news. I took a very long walk, and with a good deal of rapidity. I think my physical energy has improved since I have been in England, though I find my eyesight materially affected. In the evening I had a visit from Mr Morse, who came to talk about sundry matters of importance. Another claim of extradition, and the further preparations of the confederate emissaries here. Also the question of funds.

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