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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday Decr 1.st

1 December 1861

Tuesday 3d

3 December 1861
2 December 1861
Monday 2d.

There was again a failure in the arrival of the despatch bag, so that I remained in ignorance of the contents. In the meantime the news by the Persia became spread and brought me a succession of visiters. Mr Junius Morgan to sound me about the prospect, Mr Ten Broeck who deals in American racehorses on the same errand. I could give them little light or encouragement. Mr Daniel Morgan to make enquiries on behalf of some person of quite a leading character among the voluteers who wants a command in America. He would not give his name, neither did I care to ask it, as I gave my general answer to the many applications of the kind which I have. Captain Nelson came to know if I wished him to stay any longer. I referred him to Mr Morse and to the lawyers, to ascertain whether there was any prospect of doing something effective, to bring the question of the Nashville’s character before the courts. Thus far it has smacked a little of the circumbrution Office. Mr George B Smith to talk of his contracts for blankets of the French government. From this he diverged to complain of Mr Sanford and his extravagance in Europe. He also intimated that Mr Dayton had made some mistakes at Paris, which I ventured to doubt, of Sanford I can readily imagine that he has discredited the diplomatic character most seriously. He spoke of the multiplicity of agents for the government. The Queen’s proclamation had most effectually sealed it up here, and what was he to do. I advised him to keep it in second hands and to sell it as fast he could without breaking down the market. There persons absorbed pretty much all of my day. Took a long walk with Mary in the course of which we got quite lost. I scarcely know how I made my mistake, but when by enquiry I got again upon the right track ti was so late that I had to take a cab to get home to dinner. In the evening I read Tocqueville’s letters. The papers were so violent today, I would not read them.

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