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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 2d.

2 December 1861

Wednesday 4th

4 December 1861
3 December 1861
Tuesday 3d

The bag arrived this morning, and contained not a line from the Department on the subject that most agitates us here. Judging from the newspapers much less importance is302 attached to the question than it deserves. I thought I would write another despatch to give a suggestion of a proper escape from the difficulty. I fear however that it may come too late to do any good. I had the usual string of visits. Some to find out my views of the prospect, some to tell me how high public opinion was running on the subject The applications for employment begin to decline, but the letters from far and near to find out what to do accumulate. This condition of things is beginning to be very unpleasant—and I fear we will be more and more so the rest of the time I state. To look further than a month for the end is disheartening. I trust I may be properly supported in the impeding trial. Evening a walk with Mary not so long as yesterday. In the evening finished Tocqueville’s letters, to Mr Senior. I noted one very remarkable allusion to a dissolution of the Union, as a most solemn event in the history of the world.

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