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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 11th

11 December 1861

Friday 13th

13 December 1861
12 December 1861
Tuesday 12th

My despatches are declining in volume as the crisis approaches. I had only two short ones for this day. But I had other letters and some visits which consumed the day. Bishop McIlvaine and his two daughters called to see Mrs Adams. He is laboring valuably and effectively in his vocation, whilst Mr Weed is doing something with the press. Mr Watkins an American called to know if it was advisable for him to be naturalised here. I told him it was a question to be settled only by the person himself. He said he had a very good business and a large capital invested which he did not like to hazard. I replied that if he had made up his mind to live here, he might as well have the benefit of protection of the government. Walk with Mary after dark, and evening we played Whist. No change of any consequence in the public news today.

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