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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 12th

12 December 1861

Sunday 14th

14 December 1861
13 December 1861
Friday 13th

Warm with drizzle and rain. My day much consumed in writing to my children and other friends in America. I feel as if I ought to prepare them for the probable result in my withdrawal. Mr Weed called on me to show a letter he had prepared for the Times tomorrow. It is a little too smooth and deprecating, but I told him it would conciliate no favor from that quarter. He said he was about to go to Pembroke Lodge to see Lord Russell, at the earnest request of several gentlemen. He seemed slightly uncertain how I should view it. I simply expressed satisfaction at his going, and gave him some hints as to the mode of dealing with his Lordship. After the letters were over I went to call on Bishop McIlvaine and then a walk with Mary. Evening, Mr and Mrs Weed dined with us. He gave me a general idea of the conversation, from which I gathered that the demand would be absolute, but that in his Lordship’s opinion war would not follow the refusal. This last however was rather an implication than a direct statement. Of course the alternative is a cessation of diplomacy. This is the interval only. The rumors today are that the Queen has manifested a great aversion to the course taken by the ministers. It is also stated that the Prince Consort, Albert is very ill. In the mean while great anxiety is felt to receive the President’s Message, as an index of the policy likely to be adopted.310

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