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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 19th

19 December 1861

Saturday 21st

21 December 1861
20 December 1861
Friday 20th

I found myself after all under a necessity of preparing a great many more papers than I expected, and the despatch containing a report of the conference was long. So that I labored pretty steadily at my desk from ten o’clock until nearly five. After this I went out and paid a visit, and took a walk around Regent’s park. I felt much more quiet in my spirits after the conversation of yesterday, and yet I feel no confidence in the favorable issue of this entanglement. The tone of Lord Palmerston’s papers is so bad as to make me lean to the belief that he is laboring for war all the time that Lord Russell is talking peace. We must now await with patience the development. If Mr Seward is awkward enough to give the pretext, the result will be likely to follow. Evening, Whist with the family.

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