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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 20th

20 December 1861

Sunday 22d.

22 December 1861
21 December 1861
Saturday 21st

This day of the week is to me much like the holiday of boyhood. I do nothing. Some visits— Mr Weed came to tell me of the rise in the Stocks, which Mr Bates had also mentioned, and sounded me as to the cause of it. I simply mentioned my conversation with Lord Russell and the fact that the government was uncommitted. Sir Henry Holland came in to speak of the Queen’s condition and his admiration of Prince Albert. Soon afterwards I went out on some commissions for the approaching Christmas. In the course of my walk I stepped in Quaritch’s book shop and purchase one or two works in numismatics, being the only time since I have been here that I have indulged myself. Evening, Whist with the family.314

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