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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 24th

24 December 1861

Thursday 26th

26 December 1861
25 December 1861
Wednesday 25th

A most beautiful day. The ground covered with white frost in the morning, but the atmosphere as clear all day as it is in America. At a quarter before ten we were downstairs at the family prayers, a practice very general in country houses. Half an hour later we had breakfast, and then some of us attended the service in church. It was the same as usual, with the exception of the reading of the Althanasian creed. I believe the English church in America had dropped that astonishing memorial. In England in remains because it is there. The attendance very general. The air was so fine I took a long walk, first with Mrs Adams along the bank of the Thames, and afterwards alone by the Outlands park road. It is pretty English village scenery, attractive rather from the verdure and neat cultivation than from natural advantages or architectural taste. I enjoyed it much as a relief from cares and an exhilarating draught form peaceful nature. We dined early in order to give time for a gathering of children of the neighbors who danced and received Christmas boxes from a lottery. There was an elaborate supper afterwards. The expenditure of this establishment must be enormous. I drew Mr Blackwood into a little political conversation. But he is rather the channel for than the author of party opinion. To bed at midnight.316

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