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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 25th

25 December 1861

Friday 27th

27 December 1861
26 December 1861
Thursday 26th

Up early to take an early train home. Mr and Mrs Sturgis urge me to stay but many reason impel me to go. I am not easy either in pleasure here or in my absence from London. Luxurious as is the establishment and hospitable the owners, there are things about it that make me sad rather than cheerful. I therefore consent to go home alone, as my family can all enjoy it. The ground looked as it covered with snow rather than hoarfrost, and the ride to London was cold. I got home by eleven and spend the day in preparing despatches and letters. A short visit from Mr Parkes and one from Mr Lucas. A little news from America tracing the course of the Europa only to Cape Race by the 13th This will probably put off the reception of the decision some days more. I calculate to the 8th or 10th: Henry came from Walton to dinner. In the evening Mr Morse came in and passed a couple of hours.

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