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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 3d.

3 January 1862

Sunday 5th

5 January 1862
4 January 1862
Saturday 4th

A remarkably clear, fine day. Very rare in London winter. My time not very profitably spent—at least I can give no account of it, though I seemed busy all my morning. received a short, oracular private note from Mr Seward, which left me none the wiser. It is dated the 20th after the conference. The newspapers representing Lord Palmerston are trying to keep opinion back, but stocks will rise in spite of it. I went in the carriage with Mrs Adams to pay visits. One to the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, but they were not at home. Then a long walk, and a quiet evening. Mr Parkes came in late to ask me to breakfast tomorrow. He is not very hopeful, and rather predicts bad effects from the meeting of Parliament. If we get over this trouble, war will be put off perhaps two months. May be so, but we shall have a better cause of quarrel. This one is not tenable.

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