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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 4th

4 January 1862

Monday 6th

6 January 1862
5 January 1862
Sunday 5th

Mild and damp. At ten o’clock I went to breakfast with Mr Parkes. Mr Weed and Mr Clarke connected with the News, were there. Mr Ayrton, a member of Parliament representing the Tower Hamlets was expected, but did not come. Much conversation on American affairs. An endeavor as far as possible to explain portions of our system which English people in3 general are slow to understand. Mr Clark is intelligent and reasonable. Mr Parkes tells me the newspaper must go down. It is undermined by the penny press. I am sorry for it, as it is on the whole a valuable ally. The Star is however a more vigorous and effective press. We sat until too late for Service in the morning. I attended however at three o’clock a church in Great Portland Street called St Paul’s chapel. I found the worshippers quite as few as they are at afternoon service at home. The prayers were very well read, and the Sermon which was on the New Year as a measure of our days was a fair average. Henry went to Walton again, so that Mrs Adams and I are alone at home. We had a visit in the evening from Mr Lawson. No news from America.

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