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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 21st

21 January 1862

Thursday 23d.

23 January 1862
22 January 1862
Wednesday 22d.



Mild and clear. The political sky begins to look thick again. The efforts of our opponents are unremitting to discredit us, and they make more or less of an inpression. I doubt whether the peace will stand long, unless indeed things take a decided turn at home. My spirits sink a little at the idea of what I am destined to go through here whilst the prospect is scarcely more cheering at Washington. My son Charles writes that he is going to Port Royal. I much fear I shall never see him again. Walk with Mary. We had some company to dine to meet Bishop McIlvaine and his daughters. The Dean of St Paul’s and Mrs Milman, Mr and Mrs Reeve, Mr and Mrs Lawson, Mr and Miss Senior, Mr Ellice, Mr McCulloch adn my two Secretaries. Afterwards I had some talk with Mr Mc Culloch.

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