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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 22d.

22 January 1862

Friday 24th

24 January 1862
23 January 1862
Thursday 23d.

Mrs Adams and Henry went by invitation to breakfast with Mr Senior. I declined because it takes so much of my time on this day when I draw the forms of my Despatches. I had but three and those not very long. I felt slightly unwell from some imprudence at dinner yesterday. My digestion though greatly improved upon its condition in America, is not yet quite proof against trifling indiscretion in diet. Of wine I take less and less as I grow older. My spirits rather depressed. Sir Henry Holland came in, and I talked to him rather openly about the state of opinion here. He did not deny it was growing worse. Evening, Lord Malmesbury’s troubles in Paris.15

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