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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 24th

24 January 1862

Sunday 26th

26 January 1862
25 January 1862
Saturday 25th



I thought I should accomplish a great deal on this day of leisure, but on experiment it turned out that I barely finished a couple of letters. Two or three visits and the newspapers consumed the time. Likewise I went out in the carriage with Mrs Adams, first to the country house of Messrs Baring to get some money, and then on several commissions in the city. Returned visits likewise; one to Mr A Haward, the gentleman whose name I did not know at the dinner of the Duke of Argyll on Friday of last week, and one to General Portlock. On our return we found Bishop McIlvaine with whom we had a pleasant conversation for an hour. Mr Parkes dined here but Colonel and Mrs Thomas who had been asked, could not come. Mr Morse and Mr Ralston called in the evening. The letter to enquire whether I would see the Secretary of the antislavery society and when. I assigned Monday at any time between ten and four o’clock. Mr Parkes was talkative as usual, but he had no news.

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