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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 25th

25 January 1862

Monday 27th

27 January 1862
26 January 1862
Sunday 26th

A fine day. At Mr Ralston’s invitation the children went with him to the Temple church. Mrs Adams and I went to the Unitarian chapel and heard Mr Martineau. The place is small, but the attendance is good. The denomination is numerous in England and quite respectable, though not of the highest classes. The preacher does not attract me more the more I hear him. After service I accompanied Mrs Adams on a visit to Colonel16 and Mrs Thomas, to enquire after his health. We found only the lady at home. I despatched several letters, and took a long walk with the children. Mr Lawson came in the evening. A man of strong sense, though little cultivated. After left left I received a telegram by the Asia. The material part of the news is the transfer of Mr Cameron to a foreign mission, and the appointment of Mr Stanton to his place. This may lead to material consequences.

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