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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 26th

26 January 1862

Tuesday 28th

28 January 1862
27 January 1862
Monday 27th

The American news is always exciting, and yet it indicates not much in the military sense. I spent the morning in writing notes and letters. A short visit from Bishop McIlvaine. We had an early dinner, in order to go afterwards to the London Institution in Finsbury circus, to hear a lecture on Japan from Dr McGowan, cards having been sent to us by him. It was a popular address touching very superficially but pleasantly upon the peculiarities of that part of the world. There were perhaps a couple of hundred person to hear him. After the lecture Mr Smith, a gentleman connected with the Institution insisted upon showing us the Library which is good and pretty extensive. The Librarian showed us some bibliographical rarities, such as the Edition of Shakespeare of 1623, and the first edition of the Paradise lost. Likewise the books of the early English Printers, Caxton and Wynkyn de Word. A missal and some other things. Then home. Mr Weed came in from Paris. The Emperor of France made his speech today and left the United States alone. This a point gained. It now remains to know the tone of the Queen, after which our army must do the rest. Mr Weed gave me much information in regard to the movements at Paris, which go to show that Mr Dayton’s want of familiarity with the language and the Court has rather stood in our way. I got my Despatches and letters this evening, and sat late reading them.

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