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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 27th

27 January 1862

Wednesday 29th

29 January 1862
28 January 1862
Tuesday 28th

The weather has again become damp and warm. My morning absorbed a good deal in American newspapers. The causes of the transfer of Mr Cameron are not yet quite clear to me. But I see traces of differences between the President and the Senate which give me some17 uneasiness. The most favorable account in a military view comes from Kentucky, where Humphrey Marshall’s force has been dispersed. The expeditions have now gone out, and the issue will be known in a few weeks. I had visits from several persons generally Americans going one way or the other. Also a beggar or two, of whom the name is Legirn. A walk with my children, not very pleasant as the streets are muddy. Whilst at dinner I had a visit from a midshipman sent by Commander Craven from the Tuscarora, with a letter announcing that the government Officer there had ordered him to leave the harbour, and throwing the responsibility of his course upon me. The young man said I was to have time to prepare a reply, as he should not return until tomorrow. I reflected upon it without much satisfactory result. And for the same of a little relaxation consoled myself with reading the account of Lord Malmesbury’s troubles at Lisle.

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