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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 28th

28 January 1862

Thursday 30th

30 January 1862
29 January 1862
Wednesday 29th

Mild with rain. I was busy writing a letter to my son John. but was so much interrupted that I could not finish it. First came the Midshipman for the answer given to Captain Craven. I then sent a letter to Lord Russell on the subject. Then came Mr Weed with whom I had some conference. Mr J C Bancroft Davis just from America called. He has been the American correspondent of the Times, and has discontinued because of his Americanism. He predicted certain results of military movements in the United States which I should in view of our past experience scarcely venture to make. Mr McCulloch also came in and talked of the approaching session of Parliament and the necessity of preparing for it. We went over the topics and the men. He seems to be very thoroughly conversant with all the channels of influence, a way in which I cannot follow him. I must devolve the labour upon Mr Weed. Out with Mrs Adams in the carriage looking out for some sort of present which we did not find, and after this a walk, with my boy Brooks. His vacation expires today, but he does not go until Monday. In the evening I read a little of Lord Malmesbury, and continued my letter to John.18

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