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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 29th

29 January 1862

Friday 31st

31 January 1862
30 January 1862
Thursday 30th



I finished my long letter to my son, and wrote the usual draughts for the Despatches of the week. I likewise had visits from Mr Weed and Bishop McIlvaine. The latter comes to get information, which he uses among his friends. It rained hard so that I did not go out until late. I then called on Lord Lyndhurst, but he was still ill, and on Mr and Mrs Bancroft Davis. Met Mr Weed again. Both he and the Bishop spoke of a remark of Mr Eustis, who has just come over with Mr Slidell, to the effect that we might seize and occupy Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans and desolate the coast, but the people would never go back to the Union. This indicates distrss and nothing more. The difficulty only lies in the inertia of our Officers. I dined with Mrs Adams by invitation at Sir J Roundell Palmer’s in Portland place. The company consisted of Sir George and Lady Grey, Mr and Mrs Cardwell, Mr and Mrs Walpole, the Bishop of London and Mrs Tait, Sir James and Lady Colville and Mr Helps. Quite pleasant. The manners thaw out gradually as one becomes better known. But what thick ice it is! Home at eleven.

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