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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday February 1st

1 February 1862

Monday 3d

3 February 1862
2 February 1862
Sunday 2d

Mild and pleasant day. I went with my son Brooks to the Church of St Sepulchre for morning service. The interior struck me as more imposing than usual, though there are marked defects in the architecture. The service much as usual, the sermon no better. I wanted to see the monument to Captain John Smith, the hero of early Virginia colonization, but I could not as the communion service continued. read the remainder of one volume of Mr Seniors Irish Diary. Much of it is curious as showing the conditions of that island after the failure of the potato crop, and the astonishing exodus of that people to the United States in the subsequent years. Probably no similar national movement was ever made, and it continues even now, when the population has been reduced nearly half. The present year has checked it, but perhaps only to divert it to Canada or elsewhere. We had to dinner Mr and Mrs Davis, Mr Weed and Mr Parkes. Tolerably pleasant. Mr Weed showed me a letter from Mr Moffat, saying that the American issue would not be pressed in Parliament for ten days at least. The delay may be of service. No doubt I am to be condemned to a trial of my temper in the premises.

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