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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 2d

2 February 1862

Tuesday 4th

4 February 1862
3 February 1862
Monday 3d

The American newspapers brought us this morning favorable accounts from Kentucky. This comes very well just at the present moment, when the Parliamentary schemes are in agitation. But we shall be in constant suspense now for weeks during the development of the campaign. The Steamer Canada is yet due. I finished up my arrears of correspondence and really felt myself at leisure. Mr Weed and Mr Davis came in, the latter to give me an abstract of his conversation with Lord Russell and with Mr Milner Gibson. The object of both seemed to be to make enquiries as to the internal condition of the country. I went out with Mrs Adams to return some visits, after she had taken Brooks to the station on the way to his school at Twickenham, at the close of his vacation. He has applied himself to reading Latin a little, but the obstacles in his want of attention are yet very great. At thirteen he is not where I was at eleven. In the evening I went to the London Institution to hear Dr McGowan’s second Lecture on Japan.21

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