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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 3d

3 February 1862

Wednesday 5th

5 February 1862
4 February 1862
Tuesday 4th

For the first time I know not how long I found myself with little or nothing to do. Even the Tuscarora ceases to be an object of anxiety as she has at last suffered the Nashville to escape. She must now follow or at any rate go elsewhere. Of course my hours of relief will be few, so I must make the most of them. I walked to the Messrs Barings in order to get some money, and according to custom wandered about in lanes and by ways to such an extent that it was more than three hours before my trip terminated. I think it must have been near eight miles. Evening, ready Lord Malmesbury’s account of Pitts extraordinary proceeding in setting up the Addington Ministry, to make the Treaty of Amiens. The secret history is all laid open here, and it is strange enough. At a late hour, the telegraph brought the news by the Canada, which was not material.

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