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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Tuesday 11th

11 February 1862

Thursday 13th

13 February 1862
12 February 1862
Wednesday 12th

I had a visit from Mr C W Field who has come from the United States for the purpose of setting once more on foot the project of the ocean telegraph. I have instructions from the Department to give my aid in forwarding this projectent, so I offered at once to put him in communication with Lord Russell. He said that he should like first to confer with the person interested here after which he would let me know. My time was consumed in writing letters of the usual character to consuls. Mr Speaker Dennison also came in. He spoke of the meeting of Parliament and reminded me of what he said of the nature of the debate. I asked him if this calm was likely to last. He though it was. The Queen’s speech gave no topics, and he doubted whether members would be likely to supply them. He invited me to go with him to visit the rooms of the Agricultural Society, and I went. We found the Secretary at the place in Hanover Square, and he invited me to attend the Lecture whenever I pleased, and the weekly consul meetings. Mr Dennison has been27 more really friendly to me than any person in England. In the evening we were quiet. I finished Lord Malmesbury’s Diary—a very good study for a man in diplomatic life. The letter to a young man about embracing it is full of practical wisdom, the result of long experience. The notes of his grandson now in high esteem here betray a good deal of feebleness.

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