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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 12th

12 February 1862

Friday 14th

14 February 1862
13 February 1862
Thursday 13th



I had a visit from Mr Field and Mr Lawson for the purpose of talking over the telegraph matter. I had given the former a copy of the Despatch relating to him. The object of the gentlemen seemed to be to know how far I considered myself authorized to go under that power. I replied that I was prepared to offer to put Mr Field in communication with Lord Russell, and to engage the disposition of the government of the government to cooperate in any reasonable arrangement which might be initiated on this side. I did not concern myself authorized to initiate one myself, or to agree to any thing which had not the approbation of the ministry here. The gentleman seemed to assent to that view. They said that consultation would be necessary prior to conferring with the government, so that Mr Field would put off his request to me to make application to Lord Russell. I agreed to wait until I was notified. Wrote my draughts of two Despatches. Went not with Mrs Adams, and left cards at the various houses of the ministry, according to custom. Called in to see Mr Weed who is just in from Brighton. He read me a letter from Mr Seward which lets in a flood of light on his position. Surely, never was there a more difficult and delicate one. I congratulate my good fortune in having escaped that trial. It is bad enough here in some respects, but this is paradise to that position. I forgot to say that Sir Samuel Cunard called to correct a statement in my first published Despatch saying that an agent had offered any number of the steamers of that company to the United States. He knew no man of the name of Arrowsmith, and never gave any such authority. I offered to correct the impression if he desired it, but he said it was not material. I had been imposed upon. That was all. Evening quiet at home.28

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