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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 5th

5 March 1862

Friday 7th

7 March 1862
6 March 1862
Thursday 6th



Rain with high wind. Mr Sturgis called in before breakfast to say that his Wife desired so much to return to the country, he had made up his mind to offer his house to us if we wanted it. I thanked him and promised to look at it. At first blush two or three doubts occur to me, but I know not whether they are entitled to weight. Henry got back from Paris also after a heavy passage across the channel. We found a large mail bag from America, and multitude of newspapers, which as usual fixed our attention. The accounts of the victory outstrip all expectation and give strong reason for the conclusion that the rebellion is coming to a rapid termination. The result depends upon the way this success will be followed up. I was busy in writing the customary despatches. A wet walk. Mr R C Winthrop Jr who came in this vessel and Mr H Tuke Parker dined with us.

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