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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Thursday 6th

6 March 1862

Saturday 8th

8 March 1862
7 March 1862
Friday 7th



Wind shifted and warm again. Sir Emerson Tennent and Mr Lampston came in to speak of a letter which Mr Peabody was to address to us, which would be corrected by us and put in form at the proposed meeting tomorrow. Mr Field brought me a new and more specific proposal to Lord Russell, in regard to assistance, which he read to me and asked me to transmit. I agreed to send it forthwith. The Consul at Constantinople came too. He is the bearer of a Treaty negotiated by Mr Morris which he carries to Washington. Rather fond of talking. My despatches and letters kept me on to past five o’clock. Dined by invitation with Mr and Mrs Lampson. Quite a large company of whom I knew only Sir Emerson Tennent, Sir Gore Ouseley adn Lady O, and the Bishop of Hereford and his daughter. A pleasant party without being in any way remarkable. Home before eleven.

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