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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 8th

8 March 1862

Monday 10th

10 March 1862
9 March 1862
Sunday 9th

Blustering with rain. Attended Divine service at the Chapel. Mr Martineau preached room eloquently than usual on the influence of the personality of Christ upon the religious sense of the world. I did not quite take in the whole scope of his reservations as to the view to be taken of his mission. Mr Martineau is too subtle to follow very easily. But his fervor of admiration for the savior’s excellence is admirable. The whole family went to take luncheon at Mr Sturgis’s, and at the same time to take a look at the house. In many respects it is so excellent. The position is cheerful and the rooms are clean But the accommodation for the legation and for me is very indifferent. Thence I went to see Mr Weed and talk with him about Mr Peabody’s trust, and my desire not to put forward prominently as the draught of his letter does. He said he would speak with him about it. A walk afterwards but quite uncomfortable as well for the wind as the rain. In the evening went on with the contemporaine, and afterwards the Diplomatic correspondence.

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