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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 9th

9 March 1862

Tuesday 11th

11 March 1862
10 March 1862
Monday 10th

Another soft spring day. I scarcely know how I spent it and yet I was busy. I drew up a note to Lord Russell, about the abuse of the blockade, and seized the opportunity to insert an intimation respecting the disposition of people here to countenance violations of it. The truth is that Great Britain has furnished all the indirect support possible to the rebellion, whilst the leaders have laboured to disavow it. I write these papers rather ot make a record of our consciousness of the fact that from any hope they will avail. Mr Field called to know if I had received an answer for him from Lord Russell. He was anxious to return home on Saturday. Col T P. Shaffner called to ask how this matter stood, as he had an interest in a different telegraph project. I gave him all the information I had, though he is a person I scarcely care to cultivate. I went out in the carriage and made farther enquiries about a house without eliciting any thing more. I fancy I have seen all. A long walk with Mary, and a quiet evening. Mr Weed came in, and explained Mr Peabody’s views about the precedence in Committee on his trust, which relieved me of further anxiety. We have news from America this evening, rather favorable than decisive.

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