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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Friday 14th

14 March 1862

Sunday 16th

16 March 1862
15 March 1862
Saturday 15th



The easterly wind has brought back chilly and cloudy weather. This day has commonly been a holiday with me, but it was not so today. I had arrears of many letters to write so that I go no morning. The Committee to receive Mr Peabody’s benefaction met at four. Previously to that Mr Lampson came to talk to me about the telegraph. I explained to him my views and the reason which appeared to me likely to have determined the government here to take the course it had done. I suggested the expediency of originating the moment in Parliament, which the Ministry would rather follow than lead. He though so, and proposed to make the effort. The Committee received Mr Peabody’s letter in form, together with another addressed to his firm directing the credit to us of a hundred and fifty thousand points. This is a great enlargement. A form of a letter of acceptance was presented but a question was raised by Lord Stanley as to the responsibility it might place us in unless we were sure of our position, which ended in a proposal to consult a Lawyer before acting. So it was agreed to wait until next week. A walk with my daughter Mary. Evening, Mrs Adams and I went to Lady Palmerston’s for half an hour. Quite full, but fewer acquaintances than last week. Thence to Madame de Flahault’s where we found Lord and Lady Russell, Sir David Dundas, Mr Bile, Mr Ellice. IT wa a pleasanter half hour than the other.

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