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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 15th

15 March 1862

Monday 17th

17 March 1862
16 March 1862
Sunday 16th



Cloudy with rain at night. Attended Divine Service and heard Mr Martineau but without impression. I cannot account for this, as I always feel an interest in his beginning. He is a thinker which the established clergy are not, but his mind seems abstruse speculation which is not the thing for the pulpit. After service I went with Mrs Adams and made a call on Sir Gore and Lady Ouseley. He has been ill, and though better we did not see him. Their daughter was with them, accompanied by her infant.51 I took a long walk through a portion of London not before known to me. These wanderings occasionally disclose the great charities of the place, which do so much credit to the otherwise callous nature of this people. Tied up in forms, and slaves to the antiquity of precedent, there is yet an admission of the great obligation of humanity which comes to qualify the aversion the more repulsive features of their characters would create. Home quite fatigued. Mr Rawle dined here. Mr Ralston called int he evening to speak of the affairs of Liberia. He read to me some letters from the secretary and President expressing a wish that a treaty might be negotiated here with me. Mr Ralston said he hoped I would apply to government for such a power. I said that I had already written on the subject, recommending it to the attention of the President, but I scarcely desired to invite employment. Mr R said that the President of Liberia was coming here and perhaps would go to the United States. I said I should not renew the subject just now, having already said what I could in power of the object.

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