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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Sunday 16th

16 March 1862

Tuesday 18th

18 March 1862
17 March 1862
Monday 17th

Rainy and very quiet day. The Steamer at this season are so much delayed that we have not the interest in the newspapers on this day of the week which we had last summer. There are also few visitors. I had today only Mr Holmes and a friend of his who have come out to superintend the American part of the Exhibition. The commission has been broken up, and all that is done must come from individual enterprise. Mr Holmes has the appearance of a genuine American of the industrious classes. I described to him the precise state of the case here, and recommended an immediate communication with the secretary of the Commissioners in order to secure what might be left of space. Read Judge Parker’s pamphlet on the Trent case. It seems to me very clear and strong. A long walk in the rain, which brings ont eh vegetation very rapidly. I saw several shrubs quite in leave. In the evening we were quiet at home. I continued the life of the Contemporaine which is a catchpenny production.52

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